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Upstander Speaker Series 2017

Upstander Speaker: Dr. Mehnaz Afridi | May 10, 2017 | Director of Holocaust, Genocide and Inter Faith Center, Educator, Author| Location TBD
Dr. Afridi’s research aims to understand the relations between Muslims, Jews, and Christians and to promote an open interfaith dialogue between them. Raised in Western Europe and the Middle East, Dr. Afridi is a Muslim whose curiosity led her to question the reasons behind the racial and political tensions she witnessed between Jews and Muslims. Unfamiliar with the Holocaust, she studied under her professor during a teaching assistantship, and then delved further to learn about Judaism, the Holocaust, and the role of Muslims, Islamophobia and antisemitism. Her studies led her to Israel where she began interviewing Holocaust survivors to hear their stories and hardships. Dr. Afridi currently serves as Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and the Director of the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College. Many of her publications focus on how her contemporaries expressed antisemitism. Her forthcoming book, Shoah Through Muslim Eyes, is based on her personal and academic journey into Judaism as a Muslim.

Upstander Speaker: Dr. Samantha Nutt | November 9, 2017 | Medical Doctor, Humanitarian, Author, Founder of War Child Canada and War Child USA | Location TBD
As a recent medical-school graduate in 1995, Dr. Nutt found work as a field volunteer with UNICEF in Baidoa, Somalia, alias “city of death.” Impassioned and emboldened by what she witnessed there, Dr. Nutt began her lifetime career as an advocate for children’s and women’s rights in major war zones around the world. From Iraq to Afghanistan, Somalia to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Syria to Darfur, Sudan, Dr. Nutt has been on the frontlines of the world’s major conflict zones, and her work has helped thousands of children affected by war. Damned Nations: Greed, Guns, Armies, and Aid, Dr. Nutt’s critically-acclaimed debut book is a #1 bestseller. It combines original research with personal stories that span her career of hands-on care with children and families impacted by violence. She did this while founding the renowned global humanitarian organizations War Child Canada and War Child USA. A leading authority on war, current affairs and international policy, Dr. Nutt is one of the most fearless and recognized humanitarian speakers in the field.