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Teaching with Defiance: hands-on educator institute on teaching with the film set for October 12th

North Texas educators are invited to attend a special hands-on educator institute entitled “Teaching with Defiance” at the DHM/CET on Monday, October 12, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The workshop will focus on Jewish Resistance and the Bielski Partisans, the subject of the Paramount Vintage film starring Daniel Craig and the subject of DHM/CET’s new special exhibit, Beyond the Lens: The Photography of Resistance and Liberation.

Each attendee will receive a DVD copy of Defiance with excerpts, a teacher’s guide to the DVD and excerpts along with additional educational materials and nine Jewish Partisans documentaries produced by the Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation.

For more information, contact the Education Department of the DHM/CET at or call 214-741-7500.