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Speaker/Activist Ronnie Edry to speak May 3

dhmronnieWhen war between Israel and Iran seemed imminent, Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry shared a poster on Facebook of himself and his daughter with a bold message: “Iranians ... we [heart] you.” Other Israelis quickly created their own posters with the same message—and Iranians responded in kind. The simple act of communication inspired surprising Facebook communities like “Israel loves Iran,” “Iran loves Israel” and even “Palestine loves Israel.”

The world press is paying attention to the work started by Ronny Edry, with articles in the New Yorker, Washington Post, New York Times, Stern, and broadcasts by the Chinese state television stations. Al Jazerra has covered this phenomenon, and that is a voice heard across the Arab nations. If there is ever to be a true global peace movement, it is going to have to been at the level of the people. History shows us that the world leaders are incapable of giving up their power to forge a bridge of mutual respect around the world.

Now more than ever, one person can make a difference using social communications of positive ideas. Do your part to bring about peace and understanding that can leverage our mutual respect for others into a truly different world. One last thought in the Cosmic Giggle category is that this story was posted on December 21, 2012. The Mayans had it right when they said this is the beginning of a new era for mankind.

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