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“Nazi Chic”: Why it’s Still With Us

The rise of “Nazi chic”, a term used by CNN/GO, The Guardian and other magazines and blogs, stretches back to the 70’s and the punk movement and like many popular trends the more people decry a trend the more other people want to do it. It has not gone away and it has not abated. In 2000, a pub in Seoul, called the Fifth Reich, caught national attention due to an article in Time magazine that reported on the establishment’s controversial existence.

Despite pressure from the German and Israeli embassies, the pub is still there today and is still full of Nazi paraphernalia. The rise in popularity of “Nazi chic” has expanded exponentially, especially in Hong Kong, Bangkok and India where Nazi symbols are “fashionable.” In Mongolia and India, neo-Nazism is gaining a new foothold with a “fondness” for Mein Kampf and where Hitler’s writings on “discipline and patriotism” are considered inspiring.

What Would You Do?
You are traveling in India and come upon a “Nazi chic” store, do you…

*Chalk it up to freedom of speech and go in to check it out?

*Chalk it up to freedom of speech but refuse to enter the store?

*Try to calm the anxiety you feel and walk past it to visit other shops?

*Stop in for a chat with the store manager in the hope that you can make him or her understand why the Nazi fetishism is inappropriate?