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Lecture: Dr. Irena Kohn Takes Us Inside the Lodz Ghetto

The Lodz Ghetto Children and the Legend of the Prince

Dr. Kohn wrote her doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto (2008) on literary and artistic witness accounts of the Lodz Ghetto. Her work included analysis of secret photos taken by ghetto prisoners Grossman and Ross, currently on exhibit at the Dallas Holocaust Museum.

The Lodz Ghetto, in central Poland, served as a prison for more than 200,000 Jews during the Holocaust. Dr. Kohn’s talk will focus on songs, photographs and presentation albums created by inmates of the ghetto. She will highlight one album in particular that was written in the form a long poem accompanied by 17 illustrations. The album, The Legend of the Prince, was created in a tailor’s workshop in the ghetto. At first glance, it reads like a children’s story, but a deeper look brings out its allegorical nature. Dr. Kohn will expose the horrific understories about the Lodz Ghetto that are hidden in this important work.

Dr. Kohn will also interpret some of the thought processes behind the Faces of the Ghetto featured in the Grossman and Ross photographs now on display at the Museum, thus enhancing the audience’s experience of the exhibit. Join us:

Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum.

The Faces of the Ghetto: Their Lives are Our Lessons exhibit will be available for viewing an hour prior to the lecture and for thirty minutes following the lecture.

Cost to attend is $10.00 for non-museum members. RSVP to