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Candy Brown Holocaust and Human Rights Educator Conference Panel Discussion: Journalism and Human Rights, Facebook Live Video, July 25, 2018
Aronson Cello Festival, June 27, 2018
Sam Mihara, Japanese American Internee of Heart Mountain Internment Camp, June 25, 2018
Recap of Topping Out Ceremony for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, June 13, 2018
Topping Out Ceremony for the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, Facebook Live Video, June 13, 2018
Civil Discourse Series - Paths out of Poverty: Dallas' Working Poor, Facebook Live Video, May 17, 2018
Upstander Speaker Christian Picciolini, Facebook Live Video, May 3, 2018
Simon Gronowski: A Tale of Hope and Survival, Facebook Live Video, April 19, 2018
Mary Pat Higgins, Museum President and CEO, Interviewed on WFAA Channel 8's Good Morning Texas, March 2, 2018
Exhibition Opening for Manzanar: The Wartime Photographs of Ansel Adams, Featuring Tom Ikeda, Director of Densho, February 15, 2018
Upstander Speakers Series: Sex Trafficking in North Texas, January 30, 2018
Panel Discussion: The African American Experience in Dallas during WWII, January 16, 2018
Civil Discourse Series: The Electoral College, December 12, 2017
Three Questions For Upstander Speaker Series Presenter, Dr. Samantha Nutt, November 9, 2017
Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, Opening Comments by Mayor Rawlings, 8-minute version
Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum Groundbreaking and Survivor Dedication Ceremony, October 10, 2017
Exhibition Opening for Fighting for the Right to Fight: African American Experiences in WWII, September 7, 2017
Holocaust and Human Rights Educator Conferece Human Rights Panel: Fighting Hatred, August 1, 2017
An Evening with Dr. Seldin, June 29, 2017
An Evening with Dr. Seldin, 6-minute excerpt, June 29, 2018
Dallas City-Wide Read and Performance, Featuring Mona Golabek, November 2016

Public Statements

*Official Museum Immigration Policy Statement

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance calls upon all branches of our government to work together to fix our immigration system so that children are not separated from their parents at the borders of our great nation.

Separating families, regardless of why they are here, is the wrong policy and it needs to end. We are viewed throughout the world as a humane and compassionate nation, and we need to live up to our ideals.

At the Museum we teach visitors to be Upstanders, to stand up and take a moral, and ethical stance, even in the face of tremendous opposition.

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance is concerned to learn of the “Dangerous Isms” flyer circulated by The Greenville Avenue Church of Christ. The flyer advertises a lecture series at the church this summer on these “dangerous isms,” such as "Alcoholism" and "Pessimism," but it also includes talks on “Judaism” and “Islamism.”

By teaching the history of the Holocaust, we help students and adults develop an understanding of the roots and ramifications of prejudice, racism, and stereotyping in any society.

At the Museum, we teach students and teachers to stand up to this type of hurtful and discriminatory rhetoric. We encourage visitors to be “Upstanders,” to stand up for other people and their rights and to combat injustice, inequality, or unfairness. We invite the leadership of The Greenville Avenue Church of Christ and their members to tour our Museum—so that they too can learn to be Upstanders and become welcoming to all in our diverse and vibrant North Texas community.

*The Dallas Holocaust Museum has issued this statement on March, 20, 2018 regarding the murder of a Holocaust survivor in France.

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance is outraged by the murder of Mireille Knoll and calls upon French and European authorities to step up their efforts to fight the revival of violent antisemitic attacks.

On March 23, 2018, Knoll was found murdered in her Paris apartment. An 85-year-old Holocaust survivor suffering from Parkinson’s disease, she had been stabbed to death by a neighbor who then set her apartment on fire. Her murder is the latest in a string of similar incidents including the April 2017 murder of Sarah Halimi, a 66-year-old Jewish doctor and teacher beaten and thrown to her death from her apartment window. The difference is that this time French authorities recognized the crime as antisemitic and French people marched to protest Knoll’s murder.

Read More

*The statement was released on January 20th, 2018 as a joint statement from a small group of Holocaust Museums in the United States.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Polish lawmakers voted Friday for a bill that would fine or jail people who speak of Polish collaboration or responsibility for atrocities committed on Polish soil during World War II. The law still needs final approval from the Polish Senate and the country’s president.

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education & Tolerance, Florida Holocaust Museum and Holocaust Museum Houston, are deeply alarmed by the proposed Polish law which makes it a criminal offense to mention Polish complicity in crimes committed during the Holocaust.
The term “Polish death camps,” also outlawed in the legislation, is, in fact, a historical misrepresentation – the death camps were established in Nazi-occupied Poland by the Nazi regime.
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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Dallas Holocaust Museum remembers a time when Aryan racist ideology led to the murder of six million Jews, as well as the persecution and murder of millions of other victims.

While we strongly support freedom of speech and expression, we are alarmed by the growth of white supremacists in our country. The messages of hatred and racial bigotry, and the glorification of Nazi ideology and paraphernalia, promoted by the “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville should serve as a call to action for us all. That it ended in the death of three innocent people is utterly reprehensible. We must strive to live up to the incredible ideals of liberty, justice and equality on which our great country was founded, and we must do so without resorting to violence.

We abhor hatred and bigotry in all its forms and urge all citizens to recognize both as unacceptable and destructive. We call upon the public to unite in condemnation of xenophobic rhetoric and actions, to find common ground, and to promote civil discourse and mutual understanding.

To learn more about the Holocaust, please visit the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance. Our mission is to teach the history of the Holocaust to advance human rights and combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference.

Recent News

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Editorial by The Honorable Florence Donald Shapiro, Board Chairperson, in The Dallas Morning News, April 24, 2018
New Survey by Claims Conference Finds Significant Lack of Holocaust Knowledge in the United States, Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc., April 2018
West End District Progress 2018
Three Generations of volunteering, leadership - June 15, 2017 - Texas Jewish Post
Editorial by Mary Pat Higgins in the TJP, July 20, 2017
Channel 11 Coverage of Groundbreaking, Oct. 10, 2017

Press Releases

Construction Topping Out Set for New Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, June 13, 2018
Reformed neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini to Share His Story at Dallas Holocaust Museum Upstander Speaker Series Event, May 1, 2018
Dallas Holocaust Museum Hosts New Exhibition Highlighting Photos by Ansel Adams of Japanese American Internment Camp, March 7, 2018

Caruth Foundation Grants $2 Million Gift to Help Build the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum
Dallas Holocaust Museum Elects 11 New Board Members, Recognizes Additional Five as Lifetime Directors
Dallas Holocaust Museum to Commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day at Temple Emanu-El
Dallas Holocaust Museum to Sponsor Opening Night of Acclaimed Off-Broadway Play Wiesenthal
World War II Hollywood Directors Focus of New Dallas Holocaust Museum Special Exhibit
Cardinal Kevin J. Farrell to Receive Inaugural Upstander Award Named in His Honor from the Dallas Holocaust Museum

Dallas Holocaust Museum to Honor Philanthropist and Advocate for Human Rights, Nate Levine at Hope for Humanity Dinner
Dallas Holocaust Museum Presents Rebirth after the Holocaust
Big D Reads Selects Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl as the 2016 Title for Middle Students
Dallas Holocaust Museum Upstander Speakers to Address Human Rights Initiatives, Abuses
Dallas Holocaust Museum Announces Seven New Board Appointees

Board Announcement, July 2015
Dallas Holocaust Museum Nominates Former Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro as Board Chair-Elect

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Yom Hashoah 2017 at Temple Emanu-el, Museum CEO & President, Mary Pat Higgins
Rabbi Stern assist Marcia Gaswirth after she read the testimony of her father’s active resistance with the Bielski partisans
A full house.
Honorable Florence Shapiro, Chairman of the Museum’s Board closes the event.

Standing ovation following Upstander speaker George Takei on February 2, 2017 at McFarlin Auditorium

Audience arriving for George Takei talk at McFarlin Auditorium

Anne Frank exhibit Jan. 9 through May 31, 2016

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