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The Core Exhibition

The permanent exhibit gives visitors a view of the Holocaust by focusing on one day during the Holocaust—April 19, 1943. On this day three important and very different events happened:

The 20th Deportation Train from Belgium was attacked by partisans
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began
The Bermuda Conference met

These events illustrate wartime heroism, Jewish resistance against all odds, and government and diplomatic indifference to the fate of Europe’s Jews. They show that the decision to do the right thing—to stand up against the forces of brutality, hatred, and evil—can be made under the worst conditions. They also demonstrate that the decision to stand by and do nothing can perpetuate human suffering and cost lives.

Our exhibit also highlights the first European box car brought to the US. This car was likely used to transport Jews to concentration or extermination camps. Dallas-area Holocaust survivors often speak at the Museum. Visitors may have the opportunity to hear testimony from a survivor.

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