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The Dallas Holocaust Museum offers a variety of multi-disciplinary curriculum trunks for different grades from elementary to high school. Educators may borrow the trunks for a three week period. Shipping is provided for free to schools outside a 35 miles radius from the museum.

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The Curriculum Trunk program is available free to educators thanks to the generous donations of:

  • Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Hylton and Veronique Jonas
  • Stephanie London
  • Charles Teichman
  • Tom Halsey
  • Janis Levine Music Women and Children’s Endowment Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

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Currently, the Museum has 6 different trunks available:

Butterfly Trunk

Grade level: Elementary School - 1st to 4th grades
This Art and Reading Curriculum Trunk gives students a gentle introduction to tolerance and the Holocaust. Built around the books The Butterfly and The Sneetches, this trunk contains a tolerance-oriented curriculum and lesson plans with age appropriate books and videos.
Download the Butterfly Trunk flyer

Children in the Holocaust Trunk

Grade level: Middle School - 5th to 8th grades
This multi-disciplinary trunk introduces the Holocaust to students through the eyes of children that lived through it. This trunk, based on the books Number the Stars and Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust, contains a Holocaust history and language arts curriculum, multiple primary sources by children in the Holocaust, and secondary source books and videos.

Anne Frank Trunk

Grade level: Middle School - 5th to 8th grades This trunk is currently over booked. Please check back in the spring.
This Social Studies and Language Arts Trunk introduces students to Anne Frank and the diary she wrote while in hiding during the Holocaust. The trunk contains 30 copies of A Diary of A Young Girl, various other books and videos on Anne Frank, and Anne Frank curriculum.
Download the Anne Frank Trunk flyer

Survivor Trunk

Grade level: High School - 9th to 12th grades
This History and Social Studies Trunk provides students with an in-depth look at the Holocaust through the eyes of Holocaust Survivors. Built around the books Night and Survival in Auschwitz, this trunk also contains a Holocaust history curriculum and multiple books and videos on Auschwitz, including Dallas Holocaust Survivor testimonies.

Genocide Awareness Trunk

Grade level: High School - 9th to 12th grades
During the Nuremberg Trials at which major Holocaust perpetrators were prosecuted, the development of our current day understanding of genocide commenced. This Trunk provides students with an overview of the concept of genocide through the Trunk’s core book, Genocide: Modern Crimes Against Humanity, and introduces students to examples of genocides and acts of mass violence that have occurred since the Holocaust through sources such as books, posters, DVDs and lesson activities. The goal of the Trunk is to give students an understanding and awareness of genocide.

Ethics in Government and Science Trunk

Grade level: High School - 9th to 12th grades
To implement the Final Solution during the Holocaust, the Nazis needed the full support of the legal, political, and scientific communities. This Trunk makes students question the role of ethics in government and science. What role did scientist, lawyers, politicians, and intellectuals play in the orchestration of the Holocaust? Books, DVDS, lesson activities, and much more will provide students with examples of perpetrators who disregarded ethical behavior and Upstanders who risked their careers or lives to alert the public about ethical infractions.
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  4. Credit Card Information Form, only for damage or loss

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Your trunk is confirmed only after the Dallas Holocaust Museum has received all forms from your school. These must be received at least 3 weeks prior to your requested delivery date. By submitting this application you acknowledge your responsibilities and agree to all rules stated here and within the Curriculum Trunk Information and Instructions Form

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The curriculum trunks can be check out for a three week period. Requests must be made at least 1 month in advance of desired date. Trunks are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Shipping can cause delay in delivery of the trunk. We request that school within a 35 mile radius of the Dallas Holocaust Museum pick up the trunks at the Museum.