About the Museum

Board Members

We are dedicated to teaching the history of the Holocaust and advancing human rights to combat prejudice, hatred, and indifference.

2019 Board of Directors


Frank Risch, Chairperson
The Honorable Florence Donald Shapiro, Immediate Past Chairperson
Mary Pat Higgins, President/CEO
Beth Bull, Treasurer
Mark Zilbermann, Assistant Treasurer
Thear Suzuki, Secretary

Elected/Appointed Members of Executive Committee

Hylton L. Jonas└ᴾ, Chair of Steering Committee
David B. Ackerman, Chair of Endowment Foundation
Michele Valdez, Chair of Marketing Committee
Melanie H. Kuhr, Chair of Development Committee
Jim Tolbert, Chair of Program Committee
Lee Elizabeth Michaels, Chair of Current Issues Committee
Steven P. Rosenberg, Appointed
Tracy M. Preston, Appointed


Jarrod Beck,
Jeffrey Beck,
Cecily Bolding,
Ike Brown,
Sam Coats,
Sara Garcia Duran,
Lauren Embrey,
Janiece Evans-Page,
Evey Fagadau,
Manny Fernandez,
Elliott S. Garsek,
Craig Glick,
Ken Goldberg,
Neil Goldberg,
Morgan Hare,
Peter A. Kraus,
Laura Leahy,
Brian M. Lidji,
Randall Lieberman,
A. Ravi Malick,
Yana Mintskovsky,
Shula Netzer,
Karen M. Polan,
Jolene F. Risch,
Melissa Rubel,
David A. Small,
Daphne Sydney,
Charmaine A. Tang,
The Honorable Jason Villalba,
Julia Wada,
Stephen Waldman,
Meredith M. Walker,
Dr. Brian H. Williams
Christopher M. Williams,
Kenneth W. Wimberly,
Rev. S.M. Wright II

Lifetime Directors:

David Bell└ᴾ
Marsha Gaswirth└
Max Glauben└ᴾ
Thomas S. Halsey└ᴾ
James M. Hogue└ᴾ
Hylton Jonas└ᴾ
Zsuzsanna Ozsvath, PhD└
Stan Rabin└
Jack Repp└
Michael Schiff└ᴾ
Larry Schoenbrun└
Ronald G. Steinhart└

L = Lifetime Director
P = Past Chair