About the Museum

Board Members & Press Releases

We are dedicated to teaching the history of the Holocaust and advancing human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference.


Stephen Waldman, Chair
Hylton L. Jonas~, Immediate Past Chair
The Honorable Florence Donald Shapiro, Vice-President & Chair-Elect
Gary D. Eisenstat, Vice President
Billie Ida Williamson, Treasurer
Kenny Goldberg, Assistant Treasurer
John Raphael, Assistant Treasurer
Darab (Rob) Ganji, Assistant Secretary
Morgan Hare, Assistant Secretary
Frank Risch, Assistant Secretary
Randall L. Rosenblatt, MD, Assistant Secretary
Mary Pat Higgins, President/CEO

Executive Committee Members-at-Large

Evey Fagadau
Thomas S. Halsey~
James M. Hogue~
Larry Schoenbrun
Ronald G. Steinhart


David B. Ackerman
Michelle Anderson
Jeffrey Beck
Ronald T. Brown, PhD
Beth Bull
Sam Coats
Michael A. Cohen
Jason Downie
Janiece Evans-Page
Rebecca Fletcher
Elliott O. Garsek
Marsha Gaswirth
Willie Hornberger
Paul Kessler
Richard Krumholz
Elizabeth (Liza) Lee
Nate Levine
Brian M. Lidji
Randall Lieberman
Richard Massman
Brendan Miniter
Nicholas N. Pournader, PhD
Stan Rabin
Bryan Mark Rigg, PhD
Gail Sachson
Andrew Schultz
Jeffrey Simon
David A. Small
Thear S. Suzuki
Daphne Sydney
Charles Teichman
Jim Tolbert
Michele Valdez
Louis Zweig

Lifetime Directors

Max Glauben~
Zsuzsanna Ozsvath
Jack Repp~
Michael Schiff

Lifetime Directors of Blessed Memory

Jack Altman~
Rudy Baum
Martin Donald
Mike Jacobs~
Sam Szor
Leon Zetley

~ Past Chair

Press releases

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Board Announcement, July 2015
Dallas Holocaust Museum Nominates Former Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro as Board Chair-Elect